Manu was a stone cutter; he was good at his job and worked hard at cutting out stone and marble from the face of mountains. Lately however, he was not happy. He felt like he was in a rut, stuck in a routine that was humdrum and boring. His life lacked excitement.

His job got on his nerves, his marriage seemed to have become stale and everything else was just downright monotonous. How he wished that he could change things. One summer’s day, it was hot and humid, sweat was pouring down his naked torso, while he worked at cutting out the stones. Manu looked up at the hot sun, it sure was powerful! The sun could heat up the earth, make things grow, dry up rivers. People, who were not careful, suffered from sunstroke and sometimes died. Wow, now that was power. How he wished he could be like the sun.

Suddenly, something strange occurred, Manu couldn’t understand what was happening. There was some kind of transformation and Manu had become the sun. What a feeling to be so full of power. Heat emerged out from him like a furnace at full blast. He tried out his power by drying up a few streams, then a few rivers. He turned his heat on people; they started sweating and had to hide from his powerful glow. Manu felt happy and full of energy.

A few moments later, it started to get dark. It was too early to be night, yet there was no mistake, it sure was dark. A huge cloud had covered the sun and there was nothing that Manu could do. This was power he thought, to be able to outdo even the sun. I wish I could be like that, then I would be in control and be happy. No sooner said than done, Manu was now a huge dark cloud.

He tried out his new powers and they worked. He created a thunder storm; the rain fell in a heavy downpour. People all around ran for cover, as this rain stung and hurt. Manu tried a few other tricks, he flooded a small dried out lake, he washed away a few bridges, he felt he could do anything. This giddy feeling of power was beyond words. Ah, this was true happiness.

Sometime later, Manu felt himself being pushed away. He resisted as much as he could, he just couldn’t stay in the same place. He fought with all his new found power but this other force was way too strong. Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of awesome strength? Yes, that’s what I want to be...the mighty wind.

Lo and behold, he was the wind. What fun, what thrills, he blew so hard that he knocked off roofs from houses. He even took a few trailers, tossed and turned them round before throwing them miles away.

He saw a gigantic oak tree it was massive, must have been over a hundred years old, its roots were deep and strong. Without much effort he blew once and the whole tree was snatched out of the earth like a mere twig. Real power real strength were now his, this was better than all the other experiences he had tried out. He wandered around looking for a real challenge, something that would be the ultimate test.

He saw before his eyes a tall mountain, imposing and magnificent. He tried to blow it out of his way. He tried and tried and tried some more, but to no avail, the mountain just wouldn’t budge. Hey, that’s what I want to be an immovable mountain, and so it came to pass.

Manu was now a mighty mountain, huge and impressive. He was solid strength, neither wind nor rain, nor sun could affect him. It was tremendous, this feeling of stability, power and permanence. Nothing could threaten him. The days flew by, the on his trees changed colors and he had never been happier or safer in his whole life.

One hot, humid and sunny day, Manu heard a strange noise at his feet. He ignored it for a while but he continued to hear the same scraping and hammering sound at his feet, every day. Soon he started feeling shaky and vulnerable. Who on earth could have the power and strength to make a mighty mountain feel shaky? He bent forward to take a good look and down below at the foot of the mountain, was a stone cutter, hammering and chipping away…



Manny Nagrani

Is a retired executive now living in Scottsboro Alabama. Author and avid reader, Manny was educated in England, lived in Canada and worked in the U.S.A.

A well traveled citizen of the world with many tales to tell.



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