What we publish / guidelines

MEZZO MAGAZINE is published three times yearly. We pay a flat $50.00 for the feature story. For the six to ten other stories in each issue, the authors are generously rewarded by our praise and the adulation of fans. Our editors have a good sense of humor and look for fresh, innovative and irreverent writing. We publish poetry, and accept all genres of fiction under 3,500 words. However, stories with excessive gore, violence, profanity, hate or discrimination earns you our polite “thank you but no thank you” rejection letter. As a magazine geared towards the general public, we reserve the right to turn down stories based on their content.
Issues are targeted for publication August 31st. 2009, December 20th.2009, April 30th. 2010. Submission deadlines are one month prior to publication.


  • We will automatically reject submissions without the word SUBMISSIONS and the title in the subject line.

  • All submissions must be 3,500 words or less. (Approximately fourteen (14) pages) There is no minimum word count, but our upper limit is set on a stainless steel plaque in the chief editor’s office as a permanent reminder to slush any submissions over this limit.

  • All submissions should be sent either in the body of your email or as a .doc or .rtf document.

  • Do NOT send .docx documents, or PDF documents. If you are pasting your submission into the body of your email, please use plain text without any special formatting.

  • If you wish you can also send a photograph of the author (you) or original art work pertaining to your story. Paste your submission into the body of your e-mail or as an attachment. Attach the picture or art work in JPEG format separately.

  • Include your legal name, your pen name as you want it published and a short third person bio/publishing history. We also need your E-mail address and require that you tell us if your submission is a reprint. We do consider reprints for publication, as long as the author discloses where the story was previously published and assures us that they retain all rights to the story. If you do not tell us your submission is a reprint and we see it published elsewhere, your story will be rejected.

  • We notify each author within ten days of their submission. If you do not receive an email within a few weeks, assume we have not received your submission and resend it. Please send only one submission per email. Every submission must be sent in a separate email with all of the above requested information in each email.


Payment for the feature story is calculated in US funds paid via PayPal and can be drawn in most international currencies to your PayPal account.


By Submitting your story to us you guarantee that you are the copyright owner of that story.

The submitting author retains the rights to the story at all times.

Mezzo publications acquire exclusive electronic rights for only a period of three months. We require permission to archive accepted stories online for one year, on a non-exclusive basis.

If we decide to publish an anthology or CD or print versions in the future, we will contact the authors for permission to reprint their stories.

where to send

Please spell-check your story and respect the submission guidelines as we much prefer sending out praise and acceptance notices rather than our thank you but no thank you form.