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April Baker reads anything and everything she can. Her favorite genres span the gamut from horror and young adult to non-fiction. She is an aspiring author, who according to her mom, has been writing since she was old enough to hold a crayon.
April states wisely, that working with others helping them to spot ways to make their work better, will help her become a better writer. Her enthusiasm is an asset to Mezzo Magazine and will surely help us select great new stories to publish.

Sara Basrai honed her coaching skills as a teacher in South East London. She now lives in New York and actively helps others develop their talents as writers. In the last year she has reviewed and edited over a thousand stories on TNBW web site. Sara writes novels, short stories as well as creative poetry. She is a prolific author that edits as a means to develop her own skills as a reader and a writer. She supports Mezzo Magazine and any organization that aids aspiring writers.

Patricia Bernier is a recent addition to the Mezzo team. A retired motivational speaker and trainer, Patricia now has a part time career as a producer’s assistant and is an active scripwriter for film and television projects with the Canadian Aboriginal Peoples Television network. She is donating time to our e-zine and will assist us in editing and publicity.

Joy Campbell was first published in 2004.
Her articles on the craft of writing have appeared in Vision Magazine, T-Zero: The Writer's Ezine and Brady Magazine under the name Jayda McTyson.
Her short stories have been published in Bookends, the literary pages of the Sunday Observer.
In 2008, she won three national awards in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Literary Festival. Joy writes in several genres and has completed six novels - one women's fiction/family drama, two young adults and three of romantic suspense.
She is now at work on her seventh book.
She is a Mezzo Magazine editor at large as she feels that to become a better writer; she needs to understand the entire writing process, including selecting, editing, and publishing. We are very grateful for Sara’s participation.

Michael Drakich is an amateur novelist who is motivated to get published. He puts in serious efforts to sharpen his writing skills by regularly attending a writer’s group and by having his work critiqued by fellow novelists.
Michael has completed a fantasy fiction novel entitled “The Brotherhood of Pharia” as well a science fiction novel entitled “Grave Is The Day”. He is working on another novel based on a modern day terrorist plot but with a fantasy twist. He is active on other projects and is a proven dependable reviewer for Mezzo Magazine.

Stefanie Dubois is a member of several writing communities, which provide feedback on short stories and fictional novels. Her first publication, a short story entitled Perfectly Placed, appears in the Hong Kong Writer Circle's 2009 Short Story Anthology. Stefanie has completed one young adult novel and is currently working on her second, while helping Mezzo Magazine select interesting content for our readers.

Eileen Elkinson spent twenty years as an abstract artist. Since the last year or so she has turned her talents to writing. Some or her work has been published in Postcard shorts, and Bewildering stories. Eileen is very involved in a writing site where she submits short stories as well as poems. She enjoys reading as well as reviewing the work of others and her contribution will surely help Mezzo Magazine to discover great new writers.

Allen Frketic is a Canadian working and living in Germany. An expert in the IT industry he escapes the drudge of work, by reading and reviewing on writing web sites.
His honest reviews are appreciated by many up and coming writers. Allen is at his first attempt at writing a novel. He views his writing as a hobby but hopes someday to be able to create something worthy of publishing. He is one of Mezzo Magazine’s first editors at large and a valuable volunteer on the team.

Diana Hockley lives in a small country town overlooking the mountains of the Scenic Rim in south east Queensland, Australia. Diana is voracious reader, amateur landscape painter, amateur pianist, and the presenter of a weekly classical music radio program. With a few stories published and some writing prizes won, she considers herself a would-be famous writer. She is also an active editor and contributor at Mezzo Magazine and we hope to see more of her work published.

LeeAnn Mackey is a published songwriter and professional video producer by trade. She’s been writing as both an amateur and professional for over 35 years. Her projects include: Songs, jingles, radio copy, poetry, scripts, short stories, entertainment reviews and three novels. Her current project is entitled “Who’s Your Paddy?” a story in the Romance/Chick Lit genre. It is the first of a 3 book series. In addition to volunteering to help Mezzo Magazine she is near completion on book 2 and working on the outline for book 3.
Samples of her professional writing and published materials can be found here.

Manny Nagrani is a retired business executive who’s joy of reading is complemented by a knack for writing concise articles and stories, some of which have been publised in his hometown newspaper. A consummate coach and manager, he has volunteered to help on editing chores as well as assist in overall business matters for the Magazine.

Melinda Pierce says she was lucky to grow up with parents who loved to read. This passion for books was passed on, and through her tastes in books has changed over the years, her love of reading has not. She also enjoys writing and does it mostly for fun, but does, like many of us, dream of seeing her writing published some day.
Her paralegal degree emphasized strong knowledge of grammar and advanced writing skills. These abilities will be an asset to Mezzo Magazine.

Reynee Rainey graduated from college last December with a major in English. Her current vocation is teaching but she aspires to work in the publishing field and be an author someday. Reynee loves to read and is happy to have the opportunity to give feedback on stories Mezzo Magazine submits for review.

Wayland Stallard has more than thirty years of experience as a writer and critic. In the 1980’s he studied under Doris Grumbach and Richard Bausch in workshops. He periodically hones his art at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Some years ago he formed a vigorous writing group that workshopped four novels and various short stories to publication. For Wayland semi-retirement just means you take time from your day job to work on other projects. Forever active, he is in final revision of a novel and busy composing another. In his collection of many short stories published, his most recent is “Two Full Hours” in the Northern Virginia Review. Wayland states that he tends to have strong opinions about writing. A very good line editor and a sound critic of literary works, he will be a great sounding board on the merits of any submission. Mezzo Magazine is very pleased to have him on board.